Benefits of Rural Living

There are many benefits of rural living in beautiful Pennsylvania. If you enjoy the outdoors and open skies then this idyllic lifestyle may be the perfect fit for you and your family. Along with the beautiful scenery of the countryside, rural living has many perks to make your life easier, more enjoyable, and beneficial to your health.

1. Ample Space

Homes in rural areas tend to be larger and more spacious than those in urban areas. This makes rural settings perfect for families seeking bigger yards. These large spaces provide privacy for your family and room for your pets to run! With a bigger yard, you can rest assured that your house is your perfect getaway and safe space.

2. Quiet

If you aren’t a fan of the bustling city, then you will adore the quiet, peaceful nature of rural living. Research shows that living in quieter settings can greatly increase mental and physical health. The quiet picturesque landscapes of Pennsylvania allow for a calm, serene, and healthy lifestyle. 

3. Lower Prices

This article shows that rural property prices are generally much lower than that of urban areas due to lower demand and higher count of resources. Rural regions often have much higher home ownership rates than urban ones–meaning more houses are occupied by their owners in rural areas. Additionally, one study found that there is a higher percentage of houses owned “free and clear” in rural areas.


4. The Great Outdoors

Another wonderful perk of rural living is the quick-and-easy access to the outdoors. Many homes in Pennsylvania are located close to gorgeous hiking trails that show off the beauty of Pennsylvania’s outdoors. If your family adores nature, clean open air, and hiking– then rural living is ideal for you.



5. Community

Many urban areas can be difficult to establish a sense of community due to their massive population. Rural towns offer the option for a tighter sense of community, as it is often easier to get to know your neighbors and local business owners in small towns than in bustling cities. Small towns are ideal for those seeking a close-knit community to join and thrive in. 

Long Ridge Construction’s communities each showcase the charm and benefits of rural living combined with quick access to gorgeous towns, pleasant trails, and ranging parks. Check out one of our communities and find your new semi-custom home–and leave the stress of city living behind.



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