Importance of Continuing Education

At the Long Ridge Community, Orchard View, we love having all the perks of Penn State nearby. In addition to sports, Penn State also offers the area great opportunities for continued education. This research university provides a large variety of classes to fit your interests and your schedule. Here are six benefits of continuing education:

  1. Increased Marketability

    One of the perks of graduate school is that it makes it easier to transition into higher positions. Most senior positions require a master’s degree in order for entry. More education equals higher qualification and higher skill sets which leads to higher marketability. Moving past a bachelor’s degree allows you to broaden your job horizons to look to larger paying positions. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment in master’s-level occupations will grow by almost 17% by 2026 while employment in doctoral and professional-level is projected to grow by 13%. 

  2. Improves Job Performance

    Continuing education allows you to gain new skills and knowledge necessary to improve job performance in everyday life. Degrees can help improve management skills in the office and at home. Graduate school education can help improve leadership, research and writing, problem solving, communication, and critical analysis. 

  3. Discover New Paths

    If you are tired of your current career, continuing education could introduce you to new disciplines that you may find more intriguing and interesting. Pursuing more education can expose you to a variety of different fields, each different and unique in their own way. A master’s degree can help propel you further through your field and allow you to expand your skills into new ones as well!

  4. Networking

    The students, professors, and administrators you meet in your continued education will all become new parts of your life and they may provide new opportunities for you. Universities allow you to expand your network exponentially by meeting new faces. This can be extremely beneficial to your profession and in your personal life as well.

  5. Gain New Skills and Knowledge

    Pursuing a master’s degree will ultimately bring you closer to becoming an expert and gaining notoriety in your field by expanding your knowledge even more. Continuing education allows opportunities to research and publish your own work. It will introduce you to new cultures, backgrounds, and experiences you may not get to have elsewhere. 

  6. Money

    If money is one of your strongest motivators then getting a postgraduate degree is a great way of increasing your odds of earning a higher paying job. Higher-level jobs are increasingly requiring graduate school education in order to qualify. Gaining a postgraduate degree will push you ahead of many other job-seekers.

Penn State

It’s often difficult to choose where to receive this higher level of education, but look no further than Penn State. The Penn State Graduate School is one of the largest in the nation and offers many different locations of study as well as a diverse set of programs for your interests. Network with students from around the world and gain new skills that can propel you towards a higher paying position and knowledge that will serve you for the rest of your career.

At Orchard View Community, you are just a quick 10 minutes away from the opportunities that Penn State has to offer. Come visit the university and check out our semi-custom homes while you’re here! Enjoy life in this beautiful location with countless resources at your fingertips. 


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