Why Build a Semi-Custom Home

Planning and building a home takes time and energy. After choosing the lot that will serve as the ground for your home, a decision that takes plenty of time itself, then it’s time to make another. One of the biggest choices when planning for a new home is the design and construction process. There are a few different ways in which this can be done, but it is up to you to decide.

Let’s dive into the three different types of construction and building for a new home: custom homes, semi-custom homes, and production homes:

Custom Homes

Maybe you have your dream home mapped out and ready for building– that means you are going to take the custom home route. You have full control over your home, the design, floor plan, and every detail put in will work together to make your home unique.

When building your home, you will work with architects and builders to craft and plan every inch. This route is perfect for those with a complete vision of their home, but this process does take a lot of time and can be delayed by the smallest of mistakes.


  • Complete process control
  • One-of-a-kind design


  • Costly
  • Time-consuming

Semi-Custom Homes

If you aren’t looking to make as many decisions as you would building a custom home, but still want some say in the design, semi-custom homes are the way to go.

When planning a semi-custom home, there are multiple options of base models to choose from. Starting with a base model reduces the time and cost to build. However, with a semi-custom model, you still have room to make decisions of your own that differentiate the house from others– without the weight of responsibility that comes with a completely customized home.


  • Quick building process
  • Low budget
  • Easy planning
  • Customizable options


  • Fewer options

Production Homes

The third option for building a home is choosing a production home. Production homes are built all at once on a development using the same design plan. This is perfect for those looking for a pre-built home on a limited budget.

Some production homes allow the buyers to customize finishes and colors, but there are not nearly as many options to customize as with a custom or semi-custom home. These houses are much cheaper and quicker to move into as the homes in the development are often built all at once.


  • Cheapest option
  • Move-in-ready


  • Little to no customizable options
  • Least unique

There are a plethora of decisions to make regarding your dream home; it can be a stressful and strenuous process. Long Ridge Construction is here to assist you and make it as pain-free as possible. Discover a multitude of homes ready to be built and customized for you in one of our three beautiful and conveniently located communities.


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