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Preparing To Buy a Home

Preparing to buy a home can feel overwhelming. From securing financing to negotiating the purchasing price, there are a lot of important decisions to make. That’s why we want to give you a simple list to get you started.

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Fall 2022 Design Trends

Though summer doesn’t technically end until September 22, it’s the perfect time to explore fall 2022 home design trends. Especially for new homeowners, understanding trends surrounding overall design aesthetic is important to creating an updated-yet-timeless look. To achieve this,

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Securing a Good Builder

  One of the first steps in homeowning is securing a good builder. But what exactly does a home builder do? Well, they’re responsible for both the design and construction of a home. This includes managing their team, keeping

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Planning a Staycation

  Though you may typically take a trip to the beach, planning a staycation can be a great way to relax without breaking the bank. It’s also an opportunity to slow down and reconnect with loved ones. And according

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The importance of a good floorplan

The floor plan—a technical drawing of your house from above—is arguably the most important part of your home. It guides the construction drawings, informs the overall design, and inspires the aesthetic. So from entryways to bedrooms, every structural element

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