When you’re building a house, using high-quality building materials may seem like the obvious choice. Why would you not want the sturdiest home with the longest-lasting features? Something that can withstand, time, weather, and any other challenges you may encounter. However, rising material costs have led construction companies and buyers to opt for less-expensive alternatives. Although this may save money in the short term, it may not be the smartest choice in the long run–and may actually have an expensive price tag. By investing in high-quality building materials, you can minimize your home’s upkeep and maximize its lifespan. Here are just a few reasons to go with quality building materials:

Better warranties.

Better warranties often come from products manufactured by well-known companies that can afford comprehensive services. They typically have more extensive services to assist you when you need it–including coordinating product replacements, on-site inspections, and other measures to ensure your satisfaction. When working with your builder, make it a goal to find out the warranty information on all the products that they use. Because knowing whether you have full or partial warranties (and what’s included) will help you with your future home-related financial planning.

Established reputation.

Using materials from companies with good reputations is one factor in constructing a well-built home. Keep in mind that manufacturers of high-quality materials have good reputations for a reason–which may speak to their products’ consistency, strength, durability, and functionality. In fact, products from these companies likely have gone through extensive scientific testing to support their marketing claims. Finally, you can get a list of references to check before starting construction.

Dependable products.

High-quality products may be more expensive initially, but they are often more dependable. The manufacturers tend to be more precise with deliveries (which minimizes construction delays) and products are less likely to be damaged or faulty. These companies are also more consistent when producing materials in large quantities–which may come in handy with items like dimensional lumber or sheet goods.

Rewarding results.

It goes without saying that quality materials–used by a skilled builder–lead to more rewarding results. From flooring to tile, you can really make your home stand out. And the best part? You’re setting yourself up for success: the cost to repair or replace elements of your home should be significantly less than if you use cheap, low-quality materials. In other words, investing in your home now can mean fewer costly problems in the future. So opt for sturdy materials when you can, and build a house that will have longevity.

When it comes to building your home, cutting corners now may cost you in the future. Both Orchard View and Long Ridge Construction prioritize quality materials in all of our semi-custom homes. This includes using products from well-known manufacturers with both good reputations and extended warranty plans. Additionally, each of Orchard View’s high-quality models offers customizable features–so you can have the home of your dreams for a price you can afford. Contact us today to learn more about Long Ridge Construction’s preferred building materials, Orchard View home designs, and more.