Though you may typically take a trip to the beach, planning a staycation can be a great way to relax without breaking the bank. It’s also an opportunity to slow down and reconnect with loved ones. And according to research, it can even reduce depression and anxiety–in addition to stress. Here are two creative ideas for planning an unforgettable staycation this year:


Camping staycation

Camp out in the backyard.

Camping out in the backyard can be an exciting change of scenery–especially in the summertime. And if you plan ahead, you can make sure you have all of the necessary supplies ahead of time. To have a fun staycation, check out the following two creative activities:

  • Make sure your tent has enough room for everyone to sleep comfortably–and don’t forget sleeping bags or air mattresses. After all, sleeping outside doesn’t have to mean a poor night’s sleep. For extra softness, you can even use a mattress pad under your sleeping bag.
  • Set up an outdoor fire pit for campfires–so don’t forget to bring hot dogs, marshmallows, and ingredients for mountain pies. But campfires aren’t just good for eating; they’re also good for conversation or campfire songs. As far as the fire pit goes, be sure to consider whether you want it to be mobile or built-in.
  • Bring enough camping chairs for everyone. Whether you’re sitting around the campfire at night or making breakfast in the morning, comfortable seating is a must. If you don’t have camping chairs, that’s okay. You can use any chairs in your house–including bean bags.

Spa day staycation

Have a spa day.

Having a spa day can be both relaxing and a good opportunity for self-care. Additionally, it can be a stress reliever and even good for your health. Here are a few tips for having a fun spa day:

  • Create a relaxing room with the perfect ambiance using essential oils or candles. You can also set the mood with music–like the sound of ocean waves or your favorite Spotify playlist.
  • Use refreshing spa treatments and therapies. Harper’s Bazaar recommends a seaweed bath for its many essential benefits–including detoxifying the body, soothing aches, and healing skin conditions. You can also mix things up with a hair mask or even give yourself a pedicure.
  • Take a warm bath using bubbles and Epsom salt. You can even add essential oils if you want the benefits of aromatherapy. Other ways to enhance your bath can include bath beads, bath bombs, or oatmeal.

Not only is a spa day relaxing and rejuvenating, but it’s also good for your health. It can improve your sleep, prevent signs of aging, and restore mental balance. So when you build your new home, make sure you’re being intentional about designing your bathroom. If you’re looking to work with skilled architects and quality builders, come learn more about State College’s Orchard View community and Long Ridge Construction. Long Ridge Construction offers several models of semi-custom homes, with an array of options to meet your every need. So contact us to learn more about Orchard View and build your new dream home.