In the midst of the holiday season, decorating your house can improve your mood and make your living space feel like home. Regardless of what holiday you celebrate, preparing your house for the season can be an enjoyable experience. However, it can also be overwhelming. Here are some recommendations on how to start decorating for popular holidays. 


The Tree

At the heart of Christmas is the beloved tree. As the holiday’s centerpiece, the Christmas tree deserves special attention. Selecting a tree starts with finding a type that suits your space both effectively and aesthetically. Once you have selected your perfect tree, determine your decorating approach. The following are several popular styles you can choose from: 

  • Traditional: Classic red and green ornaments, tinsel, and a star or angel topper.
  • Contemporary: Modern, minimalist design with monochromatic or metallic ornaments.
  • Rustic: Natural elements like pinecones and wooden ornaments, paired with burlap ribbons.
  • Elegant: Sophisticated style with glass ornaments, delicate lights, and a unified color scheme.


Christmas wreath


Additional Touches

Elevate the ambiance with warm, twinkling lights, and add a cozy touch with plush, holiday-themed throws and pillows. Playing Christmas music can also enhance the atmosphere of your home. To incorporate greenery when you decorate for the holidays, hanging a wreath on your door can set a festive tone for guests. Inside, garlands can serve as the perfect lining for doorways or stairs. 


Hanukkah menorah


The Menorah

The Hanukkah menorah symbolizes the miracle of the ancient temple’s oil, which burned for eight days instead of one. Begin with choosing a central location to display your menorah. As for the style of your menorah, there are plenty of options to choose from. Based on your home’s aesthetic, here are some ideas:

  • Traditional: Often made of brass or silver, featuring classic, intricate designs with a timeless, elegant appearance.
  • Contemporary: Modern menorahs with sleek lines, often using materials like glass or stainless steel, and innovative, artistic shapes.
  • Rustic: Made from natural materials such as wood or stone, these menorahs offer a simple, earthy feel with an emphasis on organic forms.
  • Themed: These menorahs revolve around specific themes or motifs, like Jerusalem, nature, or abstract art, often featuring unique and creative designs.

If you want to take a less classic route, consider variations like electric menorahs for safety or menorahs that are more sophisticated and ornate.

Other Additions

Aside from the menorah, you can add a sense of warmth with strategically placed candles. While decorating, embrace the classic colors of Hanukkah by incorporating a blue-and-white color scheme. 

Another element to consider incorporating is the Star of David, a powerful symbol of Jewish tradition. It can be added to your decor through ornaments or garlands. The Star of David serves as a beautiful reminder of the Hanukkah miracle.


New years sparklers

New Years

As the calendar flips to its final page, excitement for the new year mounts. To match this vibrant mood, it’s key to adapt your space accordingly. Add glamor with metallic accents and a stylish bar cart to set the celebratory tone. White balloon bouquets and streamers add a touch of playfulness. An elegant floral arrangement can symbolize new beginnings. In these last moments of the year, let your home mirror the anticipation for the upcoming possibilities.

Celebrating the Holidays in Unity

The holiday season is a time of joy, unity, and celebration, marked by a rich mix of cultural festivities. Whether you plan to celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, or another holiday, you can embrace the beauty of tradition through your decor choices that reflect the diversity of your household. 

At the very core of decorating for the holidays is having a comfortable home. At Longridge Construction, we provide several unique models that set you up for decorating success when it comes to the holiday season. Contact us today to learn more.