You’ve just moved into your home, and everything is going smoothly! You put down a fresh coat of paint and move in your furniture. Things couldn’t be more perfect. But the following day, you realize a picture fell during the night, and the chandelier looks a little crooked. No need to freak out! Time to get out the toolbox and get to work. Here are six must-have tools for home maintenance. 

tools for home maintenance


First up is a level. We all like to overestimate our ability to eyeball how straight a picture frame is on the wall. But we’re only human! A level takes away the guessing game. Now, you’ll be sure anything you hang is perfectly straight. 


Magnetic stud finder

Stud finders are a surefire way to ensure the things you hang on your wall stay put for good, especially big-ticket items like a TV or stereo. Anchoring those items to a stud ensures that they stay secure. Use the stud finder to locate the studs holding the drywall in place. 


Ladders are a must-have for any homeowner. How else will you clean the gutters or put up the Christmas lights? Use a straight ladder if you need to scale the side of your house. Just lean it against the side of the house and climb up. Additionally, a standard A-Frame ladder is helpful if you need to install light fixtures or paint those hard-to-reach places. 


tools for home maintenance

Cordless drill

A 3/8-inch drill is perfect for handling any home maintenance, especially for jobs that aren’t near power outlets. Installing ceiling fans and hanging up blinds are complex tasks without one. Using a cordless drill ensures that you are free to roam about. Comparatively, they are a little more expensive than regular drills, but it’s an investment you’ll be happy you made. 

16-ounce hammer 

A hammer is arguably the most important tool to have at your disposal. It’s essential to repair a broken fence, drive a nail into the wall, or crack open a can of paint. When you’re looking at sizes, opt for the 16-ounce hammer. It will still get jobs done around the house and be easy to store. 

Duct tape

There are few problems that duct tape can’t fix because it sticks to nearly every outdoor and indoor surface. Duct Tape is a great temporary patch-up for a broken window or busted countertop! Whether in the yard or the living room, you’ll find yourself reaching for it again and again. 


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